August activities

Sun Group:

Throughout August, the Sun room have been very busy! Fire station role play was so much fun, the children used paint brushes and sponges to put out the fires as well as exploring a heuristic themed camp fire using real wood and sticks. Textures have also been explored through a dinosaur tuff spot using items such as mud, leaves and pebbles. Children explored super slimy textures with seeds and water using jugs, bowls and bottles. A mud kitchen soup was created outside in the garden as well as lots of crunchy textures to crush and stomp on.


Moon Group: 

Throughout August, the moon room have enjoyed lots of small world role play particularly with the dolls house and fire engines. Also this month a lot of the moonies have been getting excited with their move to the preschool room, talking about their new room, some of the activities they may be doing and talking to the preschool ladies. Heuristic play has been a big interest this month, the children have loved exploring wooden items, metal items and home items such as rubber gloves, sponges and pegs.


Pre-School Stars:

Throughout August, the children have been talking lots about holidays! From this, the children decided they would like to do some camping and taking on different family roles. Junk modelling has been explored and the children have created some interesting objects. Pirates were continued to be used as a theme for activities, making ships, flags and using available resources to aid their role play.

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