January Activities

Some of the activities we will be covering are:

Sun Group:

This month the Sun room are focusing on the theme of shapes and colours. The children will have the opportunity to explore shaped objects and use them to paint with as well as constructing to build towers. Shapes will also be explored in different malleable and sensory items such as playdough, food play and water trays. The children will also be working on their problem solving skills by using shape sorters and fitting them into the correct holes. Colours will be explored through a textured colour splat mat where they will use their hands to move the colours around and make different colours as well as using different coloured materials and resources to make coloured collages to go on display within the room.

Moon Group:

The Moon room are focusing their activities around an under the sea theme and will focus on different aspects of the theme weekly. The first week will be Pirates where the children will look at objects that sink and float, making their own parrots, hand painted pirates. hunting for treasure and walking the plank off their very own pirate ship role play area. The second week is sea creatures where the children will have the opportunity to explore sensory tuff spots, make paper plate jelly fish, participate in a frozen animal rescue and make mermaid playdough. Under the sea will be explored in the third week making a large paper chain octopus, size ordering shells, counting sharks teeth and doing sea yoga. In the final week activities will be based around a desert island children will role play on an outdoor ship wreck, make camp fires, build shelters and talk about what they might need to survive on a desert island.


Pre-School Stars:

The Preschool Stars are focusing on two well known stories, The three little pigs and Goldilocks and the three bears. Children will have the opportunity to build the three houses from the three little pigs using straw, sticks/wood and bricks. The children will also explore the different characters in the stories and re-enact and put the stories into the correct sequence of events. As part of Goldilocks and the three bears children will be exploring size sequencing, making bear masks and molding their own bears using playdough.


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