July Activities

Some of the activities we will be covering are:

Sun Group:

This month the sun room are focusing on the theme of the seaside! Some of the activities children will be exploring are sand textured playdough, exploring a beach small world, creating giant bubbles and painting with different shells. The children will also have the opportunity to do some cooking, mermaid cupcakes and fish biscuits! The children will be using all their senses during ice play, sand play and shiny/reflective play. The sun room will also be learning some new songs as part of their topic such as “we do love to be beside the seaside” and “sea shells, sea shells on the sea shore”.

Moon Group:

This month the moon room are focusing on holidays! The children will look at different types of holidays such as camping and holidays abroad. They will have the opportunity to explore the theme through different role plays such as camping using a tent, creating an aeroplane and having a beach themed day. Sand castle flags will also be made and used in the home corner as well as counting shells and buckets. The children will also be making camping s’more cookies, under the sea yogurts and making their own ice creams to enjoy in the sunshine!


Pre-School Stars:

The preschool stars topic for July is school and the big transition. The children will be able to role play being in the school classroom in the home corner, looking at the different letters and practicing writing them in different textures such as sand, paint and other messy items. Numbers will also be explored through counting with gems, number lines and forming numbers using playdough. The children will also have the opportunity to design their own school uniforms and design their own dream lunch box!


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