August activities

Sun Group:

The sun room children have had the opportunity to explore ice construction trays using tools such as hammers and drills to smash through the ice. Rainbow porridge oats have also been so much fun when filling and emptying containers looking at the colours and attempting to make a new colours too! The dolls have also been cared for the children have washed them with flannels in a lovely soapy bath. Outside in the garden, the children have enjoyed exploring different types of transport such as cars, tractors and lorries and observing the different marks they can create when using these vehicles. Gross motor skills have also been developed through obstacle courses to encourage balancing on beams, climbing onto crates and jumping into the ball pit.

Moon Group: 

Throughout August the moon room have had lots of fun with activities based around water play, refining their filling, pouring and mixing skills. All the water play has also helped the children stay cool in the warm summer sun with the paddling pool being a big favourite for all the children. The older moonies have been practicing writing their names, recognising numbers and solving puzzles and problems. Moonies have also had lots of opportunity to paint on a large scales using their hands and feet as well as their whole bodies if they wished, looking at colour mixing, how the paint feels as well as adding different items to create textures.

Pre-School Stars:

Preschool stars have continued to refine their skills ready for starting school such as writing their names using different tools such as pens, pencils, brushes amongst flour, paint and using magnetic letters. Occupations has been a focus for the children’s role play in August such as fire fighters, doctors, teachers and builders. The children have been re-enacting these roles using the dressing up and props available. The home corner this month was transformed into a “baby room”, the children spoke about how to care for a baby and took on different roles as “Clarecroft ladies” to look after them. The children have had the opportunity to change, feed, put them to sleep and play with the babies. Cooking activities this month have been making muffin pizzas, delicious cakes and pastries. They worked together to measure ingredients and used the correct cooking equipment to mix them together.


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