January activities

Sun Group:

The sun room children have been exploring lots of textures this month! Textures have been explored within a farm tuff tray introducing animal noises and names as part of their play. New textures were created by the children by mixing items together using bowls and spoons. Textures were continued throughout the month through activities such as cornflour, splat mat and bubble wrap printing and painting. The sun room have celebrated both Chinese new year and Australia day too! The children have enjoyed and been excited by making sounds in new and different ways both indoors and outdoors using pots, pans, rattles, creating their own didgeridoos and drums. In the garden, suns have been exploring the natural environment and textures such as ice and mud and incorporating into small world trays.

Moon Group: 

Throughout January the moonies have been doing lots of pirate themed activities which include making treasure maps with tea bags, a walking the plank obstacle course, making apple and cheese pirate boats and delicious treasure map pizzas. Alongside this we have been practicing our mathematical skills in lots of ways such as working on their recognition of numbers, comparing weights and counting objects. Chinese new year was great fun for the children to dress up in costumes and celebrate the year of the Rabbit!

Pre-School Stars:

This month the preschool stars have been learning about different occupations and how those people help us. The role play area was transformed into a hospital where the children had the opportunity to use different apparatus, take on different roles and take care of each other. Following on from this the role play area was transformed into a fire station where the children could role play on a small world level and put out the fires. Colour mixing has also been a big focus with the children using trial and error to make new colours out of the primary ones. Alongside this the children have celebrated chinese new year where they made rabbit masks and did chinese mark making in the restaurant.

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