September activities

Sun Group:

Throughout September Suns have been sharing and exploring a variety of story sacks these included Going on a bear hunt and Colour monsters. the children were bale to repeat some of the key repeating words and also enjoyed selecting colours. The children have also been expressing themselves through marking making where they have used leave collected and paint to create prints as well as making colourful  marks on leaf shape sun catchers. in the garden they have been exploring the changing weather and making the most of the leaves and natural items to support roleplay in the play house and mud kitchen where ‘pies’ and ‘cakes’ have been made.


Moon Group:

This month the moons have enjoyed going on bug hunts, the wetter weather has lead to a variety of different insects in the garden. The children used magnifying glasses to search under and behind items looking for hidden insects and to help see different features such as the number of legs. the has also been lots of fun when participating in a variety of ball games, the children practices skills such as throwing, kicking and rolling the balls both independently and to their peers. there has been a big focus on number rhymes, popular songs have included 5 little ducks and 5 speckled frogs. using these as actions songs have encourage the children to discover what might come next.

Pre-School Star Group:

The new Preschool star children have settled well into the room. they have spent lots of time in their new key groups and learning the new routine. they have especially enjoyed the new experience of teeth brushing and having their own toothbrush! The children have been busy exploring the letters of their name in a variety of ways. they have used letter pegs to match, paintbrushes in flour to create letter shapes and also taken part in an icy alphabet hunt! The children have had lots of opportunities to be creative and mark make and have been painting family members, flowers and pictures of them selves too!

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