May activities

Sun Group:

The sun room children have explored different ways of mark making. The children used chalks, paint, water and crayons on materials such as bubble wrap, large scale paper and collages. The children have also looked at various story sacks. they explore Goldilocks and the three bears, The Gruffalo and The three little pigs. these were then extended to include small world trays and looked at differetn natural props such as stick, straw, mud and leaves. Some of the children have also discovered some creepy crawlies whilst in the garden. we spoke about what they were called and how they move along. this was also extended with a bug exploration tray with soil and magnifying glasses to look at the bugs and to find more!

Moon Group: 

This month the Moon room have been exploring facial features! they have been creating artwork of their faces using different materials and using mirror to see where about the features are and what colours they are too. Story sacks have been a big interest this month. The children have enjoyed sharing stories and using probs to re tell and act out familiar parts of the stories. The weather has been lovely and warm which has meant lost of time has been spent outdoors. lots of the children have conducted their own bug hunts around the garden, using positional language to describe where bugs might be such as under the log, next to the leaves. this also sparked discussions bout where different bugs could be found and things that they like such as dark, wet or muddied areas.

Pre-School Stars:

Preschool stars have also shown an interest in mark making this month, they have participated in lots of junk modelling and construction of their own crafts. They have been able to problem solve by selecting particular materials to connect and create in bringing their own ideas to life. The home corner has become a green house! lots of discussion has taken place around plants, what each part is called and what they need to grown. the children have helped to plant various seeds and have been helping to water and tend to the plants. When looking at growing the children have also had their very own caterpillars! the children have observed them daily to watch them grown, cocoon and then turn into butterflies! PE has continued to be a hit this month and the children have had lots of fun practising a variety of races ready for their sports day.

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