April activities

Sun Group:

This month the Sun room will be theming their activities around Spring. Some of the activities the children will have the opportunity to participate in are large scale flower painting, floral themed sensory scent tuff spot tray, cotton wool bunnies and finding mini beasts in the garden. Also this month the children will be exploring colours and beginning to sort by colour. They will also participate in large scale paint colour mixing.


Moon Group:

This month in the moon room we will be theming activities around under the sea and pirates! They will be creating handprint fish and jellyfish suncatchers along with using a variety of household items to create puffer fish pictures too. Along with this they will be taking part in ‘walking the plank’ during obstacle races as well as fishing for number sea creatures to count and match the spots to the number.


Pre-School Stars:

This month in the preschool stars room children will have the opportunity to explore the theme of Spring and growing and planting. Some of the activities we will be looking at what plants need to grow, planting our own seeds and helping them to grow along with naming parts of the flower too and looking at life cycles. Also this month the children will celebrate St Georges Day by creating their own flags and shields and will also be roleplaying knights and dragons!

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