March Activities

Some of the activities we will be covering are:

Sun Group:

This month the sun room are doing a spring themed topic, they will have the opportunity to explore sensory bags containing different spring items, a garden tuff spot and flower gloop! The children will also be creating blossom trees using duplo bricks and hunting for ladybirds. There is also several themed days which will be shared with the sun children through planned activities such as pancake day, world book day where all children will be dressed as their favourite book character, St Patrick’s day and mother’s day!

Moon Group:

The Moon room are focusing their activities around the theme of themselves, families and their senses. The children will have the opportunity to go on a sensory listening walk to see what they can hear in the local environment, use their handprints to create a family tree and get ,messy using their bodies to paint with. The children will be recognising different body parts and features through songs such as “head, shoulders, knees and toes” and “simon says”. Playdough will also be moulded into facial features and they will use cotton buds to create a skeleton. The children will also be designing their very own pancakes and making their own in a pancake making tuff spot. On  world book day children will have the opportunity to explore activities based around familiar books and themed crafts will be carried out for St Patrick’s day and mother’s day!


Pre-School Stars:

The preschool stars will  be exploring the theme of weather, the children will be carrying out different weather experiments using the weather boxes and measuring rain fall over the month using their home made rain gauges. During the week of the 11th March preschool will be participating in science week carrying out different experiments. Children’s artistic skills will be put to the test to complete different weather pictures such as storms, rainy days and rainbows. Activities will be story based on the 7th March for world book day as well as dressing up and doing lots of arts and crafts for St Patrick’s day and Mother’s day!


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