May Activities

Some of the activities we will be covering are:

Sun Group:

This month the sun room are doing a teddy bears picnic theme. They will have the opportunity to explore different textured food, paint using different fruit and vegetables as well as having a go at trying some new foods. Also this month the children will be doing some large scale painting to use their gross and fine motor skills, use forks to paint teddy bear’s with as well as using their hand and foot prints to paint melons and strawberries. The children will also host a teddy bear’s picnic for their friends and learn some new songs such as “round and round the garden” and “i’m a little tea pot”.

Moon Group:

This month the moon room are focusing on numbers. The children have a home environment as their home corner where they can role play making tea, cooking and washing. Numbers will also be incorporated into a car wash, making their very own pizzas and physical activities in the garden such as a number hunt, hopscotch and physical actions. Different tuff spots will also be created for the children to explore such as a 5 speckled frogs tray, 5 little ducks, 10 green bottles and creating currant bun playdough which they can use as props to sing with.


Pre-School Stars:

The preschool stars new topic is People who help us, the children will have the opportunity to role play different occupations such as Police, fire fighter, a dentist, and a doctor. The children will also be discussing the importance of brushing their teeth, the things that may be good or bad for our teeth and have a go at brushing their teeth themselves. The children will also be making their own xray pictures by painting their hands, extracting teeth from a tray using tweezers and bandaging teddy’s and dolls in their role play doctors.


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